Unit 8: Resource Reflection Assignment

What is the name of the resource, article, website, or video?

“DVD Newsletters: New Ways to Encourage Communication With Families” by Claudia Sanchez, Bridget A. Walsh, and Katherine Kensinger Rose/

What was the overall idea of the resource, and how it related to the whole unit under study? Ex. how it relates to the unit of science, technology, engineering, or math depending on which week you are responding to.

The main idea portrayed in the resource is how DVD newsletters can be employed to encourage communication of early childhood education with families to increase their involvement in their children’s learning. When parents are involved in their children’s education and motivate their learning at home, they also promote learning in the classrooms. As a result, early childhood teachers are always in the search for methods to communicate with parents to encourage their children’s learning at home. According to Sanchez et, al., DVD newsletters provide the parents and children with audiovisual data, which makes it possible for both literate and illiterate parents to understand. DVD newsletters are practical to the parents since they include accurate information directly from the teachers, with there being a lower probability of misinterpretation. The DVD newsletters can conveniently carry a wide scope of information all at once. For example, one DVD newsletter can give updates of the children’s class experiences, provide parenting advice, and give announcements, to mention a few. DVD newsletters provide the opportunity for all family members to experience a classroom session and to support the children’s learning activities. The information shared using the method is quite substantial as compared to the traditional means of communication—parents highly welcome DVD newsletters. Children also find it an enjoyable means of learning. DVD newsletters make it easier for the children to understand concepts that would be difficult to understand if traditional teaching methods were employed. If a teacher requires to engage her students in a science lesson, a practical approach is always welcomed. The teacher should consider recording the entire process of the concept and share it through the DVD newsletters. While the children are at home, they can play the video and understand the idea entirely. If a teacher is intending to teach a science concept whose practical is risky to the children, such as displaying action of heat on states of matter, he can consider recording a video of the same and embedding it in the DVDs. All the students will experience the practical session firsthand without the risk of acquiring burns in cases of an accident. The children can replay the video as many times as they need until they understand the concept. The DVD newsletters are highly demanding as they are effective. They require a lot of resources hence calling for support from all stakeholders. The content should also be cross-checked to ensure that the material is correct. DVD newsletters should be encouraged to be put into consideration in early childhood programs.

What was one important idea that you will use in your classroom that clicked for you from this resource? Did it make a connection to another resource you read?

As I read through the resource, I have understood that if children are to understand concepts better, they require support from their parents. When teaching, I will ensure that I give assignments that will require the parents to guide their children. When I give DVD newsletters to the children, I will set them up in such a way that the parents are required to answer specific questions specifically directed to them. I will involve questions like, can you ask your mother or father what this or that does or means? The parent will also have questions to ask their children what they have learned from the video. During meetings, I will always remind the parents to ask their children what they have read throughout the day. The parent will cross-check with the books to ensure that the concepts are as stated. When all parents take their responsibilities seriously, the children will understand the concepts taught better.

How has this resource changed your thinking, being specific about where you were in your thinking to what you read and digested that made that aha moment of change?

After reading through the resource, I have realized that using DVD newsletters are more effective than I thought. During my past years as a student, we were taught by only the traditional method of teaching. The technique was dull and not enjoyable at all. I never thought that it could be any better, and I was okay with it. However, after reading through the resource, I see early childhood education from a different perspective. It should be enjoyable to ensure that children have a better understanding. With the technological advancements, one should make use of all the available resources to ensure that the students find it more fun to learn, and hence it becomes easier for them to understand concepts. If the students do not understand an idea, I will make sure to involve DVD newsletters and ensure that the parents are included to ensure the ideas sink in. I now know that the combination of effort from the parents and DVD newsletters is what students need to achieve the best in their curriculum.

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