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Over the last 8 weeks, the concept of psychological research was introduced to us. The concept involved being introduced to methods of conducting psychological research, to make our understanding of the approaches employed when conducting them, and to enable us to pass the content retrieved from the study effectively. In this paper, I will put down my understanding of psychological research and how it relates to the Christian and biblical point of view. I will use myself as a case study to bring out my knowledge of research and how it connects with the biblical approach.

Research at an Introductory level

In this section, I will be answering the question “what have you learned about research at an introductory level.”  The scientific approach of research is a powerful method when conducting such researches. Information collected through scientific methods is mainly based on observation. Even from childhood, I learned most behaviors from other people through observation. As I grew up, the amount of information retrieved through the observation method of data has increased over time. Observation is an inborn ability that is a compelling method. Although people are blessed with different levels of observation capability, those who are able to use it appropriately are able to retrieve a lot of relevant information for the research subject at hand. Integrating the concept of observation is fundamental since data collected through observation is most often accurate, and it cannot be stood against. It is factual.

Data collected through scientific methods is most probably similar to another person’s data, which was obtained through the same techniques. If I conduct research employing methods that are already put down, I am supposed to make findings that are already put out. It is an “either…or” situation. The results replicate as more and more researches are conducted.

Science implies one to use any ideas that are applicable to make sure one drifts closer to the answer and to come up with the required results eventually. Scientific research can be conducted to confirm whether the research findings of the previous study are false or correct. Scientific research can prove even long-existent ideas as false or nonexistent if the evidence of the research is enough to justify its stand. I have learned that I can challenge any idea if I feel that it is false or nonexistent, provided I have enough evidence to support my stand. I can bring up better ideas after challenging existing ones to explain the concepts that were being explained by false ideas.

Results of a study have to be tested and reviewed by other scientists before they are allowed to be published. It is done to make sure that the content is more trustworthy and accurate. According to MIT (2011), employing science as a research method provides one with the opportunity to bring out their ideas to light, and whether the results are positive or negative, there exists a wide range of advantages to bring out personal ideas and conduct researches on them. The ideas can be a loophole into the science solutions market.

I have learned that behavioral science has four aims. It describes behavior, foresees behavior, brings out the reason behind the behavior, and explains the behavior. The lessons about behavioral science have brought me to a great understanding of behavior. I can effectively and properly conduct a research on a particular behavior and collect all the information required, analyze it, and provide a prediction and an explanation of the reasons behind the behavior.

I have also learnt different methods of conducting a research. According to Cozy & Bates (2012) researchers use research questions to identify and describe the broad topic that they are investigating, and then conduct research in order to answer their research questions. Research questions are deep enough to enable a hypothesis and prediction can be came up with. A hypothesis is defined as a question that states the possibility of a statement resulting from a question to be valid. It is a thought that may be true but requires evidence to be proved as correct or wrong. Results of the accuracy of the hypothesis are mainly dependent on the validity of the evidence. A prediction comes out after evaluation of the research question and the hypothesis. It is a guess that requires valid evidence too to be proved correct.

Over the past weeks, I have learnt that electronic resources are important resources when carrying out a research. The internet is a broad network that links one with information from all over the world. The internet can provide one with discussions, book reviews or articles that contain almost all the information one requires. It is easy to search information from the internet. However, if one requires accurate or more specialized information, one requires to specialize the dialogue box content to make sure that the search results are more relevant. It is also relevant to make sure that one makes sure that one records the dates to make sure that it is easier to retrace the search results.

Google scholar is a more scholarly based search engine. The search results from this website are more scholarly and contain relevant information mainly from high quality articles and journals from schools, publishers, researchers and universities among others. Google scholar involves the entire internet hence can bring out more information that is relevant or also a lot of irrelevant information. According to Snyder (2019) literature reviews contain information from researches that were conducted in the past. They are highly important and can help me when carrying out my research.

Christian Concept of Research

After reading from the content of the past weeks, I discovered that I can borrow information from the scriptures to make sure that I get the most out of my research. The I came across the scripture that is in Mark 12:21, that states, “You shall love your neighbor as you love yourself.” From the scripture, I have learnt that I have to treat my colleagues or other people that I conduct my research on or with as I would like them to treat me. I have to show them respect and concern if I want them to reciprocate the same to me. I have realized that the results of a research are not in any way dependent on my degree of spiritual faith but on my determination and research methods that I use to come up with my findings. As a researcher, I should make sure that I make sure that the people who I carry my research with or on do not receive any harm from me. I have learnt this from a warning scripture in Psalms 105:15 that states that “touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.” The scriptures are guiding principles that will guide me throughout my career journey.


The lessons through out the past weeks are relevant to me from the present and I will carry them throughout my career. The lectures have shown me what it takes to carry out researches. I have also learnt a lot about the APA style that I have applied throughout my paper.




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