So Delicious Ice Cream Bar Sandwich

So delicious free has been manufacturing dairy-free delicious-decadent iced up desserts, melty shreds, and smooth plant-based beverages and creamers, for approximately 30 years.  The firm’s corporate social responsibility requires using the company’s advanced mechanisms to make the universe a better dwelling. To run the firm in a means that aggressively identifies the fundamental role that the company plays in the community by introducing inventive means to advance the quality of life.

The main reason the product is incorporated with organic coconuts; they are certified vegan and are Non-GMO project certified (Rogers, 2014). The product is firmly positioned in established social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram, where it has a strong following.

SWOT analysis


The So Delicious ice cream bar sandwich develops a healthier ice cream that is available in over 15000 stores. The manufacturers of the ice cream bar sandwich are dedicated to manufacturing a product that tastes good, as compared to other competitors that target lower calorie count.


The product is more expensive than other brands in the same classification, retailing at $4.49 for eight bars. Another weakness is that it has a low and week brand awareness. Most individuals believe that other brands’ social media and advertisements are better than the product’s promotion.


American citizens are turning out to be conscious of their health, and consumers are willing to pay more for healthy products. Currently, most women are trying to shed off weight, and their main focus is on healthful snacking.


The product faces competition from other established brands. For instance, Nestle Drumstick, which manufactures Ice cream cone retailing at $3.92. The other competitor is Magnum that manufactures Icecream Bars, which retail at $3.78.

Porter’s strategy

The firm employs the porter’s strategy of Differentiation. The firm seeks to stand out in the industry by manufacturing a healthy product. This is achieved by selecting that buyers in the sector believe to be essential and uniquely positions itself to meet the clients’ needs.




Rogers, J. (2014). Vegan Ice Cream: Over 90 Sinfully Delicious Dairy-free Delights. Ten Speed Press.

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