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Memories seem like a thing that never should be forgotten. They become our soul and give us true life. So, it’s strange how we can lose something as profound as memories. I’ve found myself in the position where I had to deal with the loss of memories. These memories could not be reproduced or recollected. The ones I speak of are my childhood memories which have been completely wiped out from my mind due to an accident involving passing out at school and hitting my head on the floor. This past year has been an extremely difficult one for me because all those cherished moments, gone within a blink of an eye and nothing but hazy darkness surrounded by silence was left behind for about fifteen minutes until eventually I was taken to a room and seen by a nurse then my parents. Once I was permitted to go home, the memories didn’t come back at all. My younger sister had been experiencing similar issues with her memory because she also hit her head on the floor when she passed out the same day as me.

The next couple of weeks after this incident were extremely difficult for me and my family. We tried everything we could do to help us recall our past memories but it seemed like they were gone forever; the brain scan showed no abnormalities or irregularities which would lead us to believe why we would lose memories however, where there is a will there is a way and we’re still searching for an explanation even if it may take years before we find something.

I’m now 15 years old and my memories are still lost. I can no longer recall them or know what they were like. However, this has come with its own benefits since I don’t possess the ability to remember the bad times; everything is wonderful right now in my life because all of these memories which would’ve consisted of family disputes, fights with my sister, etc., are nonexistent since my brain is unable to store that information into memory storage. For most people it would be difficult to cope with the loss of memories but for me there was an evident improvement in mood; not many people can say that they experienced something similar to this so it’s very rare. Therefore, people should always believe that there’s a benefit or positive outcome in everything.

Even though it is a good thing for me not to have those memories, I’m still hoping that one day they’ll return. Since there’s no particular memory loss treatment to help us regain our lost memories, we only have the option of hoping and waiting for them to come back which could take months or years before something happens since there is no cure for this type of memory loss. It may be strange but I personally believe that there’s nothing wrong with losing your memories every now and then such as mine because sometimes forgetting certain things can be beneficial instead of dwelling on negative thoughts all the time which causes you unhappiness. This has taught me how important family is and how if you hold onto these treasured moments it will become harder to leave or say goodbye to them. I hope everyone is able to cherish the memories they have and if anyone ever experiences something like this, stay strong and never give up because you never know what’s going to happen in the future.

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