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When Can the Way We Look at Things Lead to Growth and When Can It Hold Us Back?

In most cases, world views are shaped by how individuals look at things and react to the situation around them. A worldview encompasses the entire set of beliefs and the necessary aspects associated with the reality that shape and influence knowledge, perception thinking, and actions of an individual. It results in the philosophy that shapes the outlook of life, ideology, mindset, faith, and formula of life of an individual. An individual world view leads to the way an individual looks at things and perceive situations. Arguably, the way we look at things can result in growth or hold us back. The outcome depends on the way we face and deal with the situations that we came across.

There are cases where individuals could face hard situations that could seem difficult to handle. In undesirable instances, the way individuals view the conditions, and act on the circumstances are the defining factors of the ultimate outcomes generated from the situations. Through the undesirable situations, individuals can shape the narratives that provide necessary assistance to the future generations. In the case of the refugees on the Henry Gibbins ship, the narrator explains, “And I turned, responded that they were witnesses to history, and they had to help America learn about Hitler.” The statement elaborates on the possibility of turning a painful and challenging situation to a beneficial outcome.

When adverse calamities befall people, the general assumption and the immediate response that individuals adopt entail a sorrowful and somber mood. However, although calamities present adverse outcomes, the same situations presented by disasters could be turned around and viewed as positive situations. For instance, death results in a somber mood in the case that it is considered an end of life. The same aspect of death could be regarded as a source of rest from earthly worries. John Donne explains, “Rest of their bones, and soul’s delivery” from the illustration, there is the assumption that in death, individuals find rest and delivery.

In most cases, the inability to obtain what individuals want or desire is regarded as a failure. Individuals, in most cases, give up following a failure in their attempts. Additionally, following the inability to attain set goals, most people become gloomy and frustrated. Even with the inability to achieve the set goals, some alternatives could be adopted. The realized options could fail to present the same magnitude as the previously set goals. These alternatives could, however, be grown to lead to the attainment of improved ultimate goals. As illustrated by John Donne, “one chased after rabbits, lost them, came back with nests of larks’ eggs” from the illustration, there is the fact that the adoption of an available option is better than looing everything.

From the illustration,  how individuals perceive situations are responsible for causing either growth or hold them back. The created illustrations suggest that individuals have the power to determine the outcomes generated from various situations. In essence, through the illustrations on the paper, there is the fact that the individuals can turn adverse situations and generating benefits from the circumstances. Some of the cases illustrate the turn of extremely difficult situations to extremely favorable situations. In some situations, the individuals turn adverse situations to slightly positive situations. However, there is the fact that all adverse conditions could be turned into positive situations.

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