Problems or Issues in the Hospital Setting

The survey structure is well laid down and follows most of the standard guidelines. First, the key issues which affected the patients are covered. The survey is divided into three questions, where the first part is involves collecting simplest information regarding the patient problems. The survey also contains a simple structure, where the respondents will be able to grasp easily and reply as per the questions. The terms and wording used are related to the health practice, meaning that the respondents will easily understand and be able to offer the most suitable answers that suit the study (Kieft, de Veer, Francke, & Delnoij, 2017).

The questions have a single subject and verb, where they are direct for each respondent. The questions are not double bared as there are definite as per the set standards of the survey. Both closed and open-minded questions are used. The closed questions are in the first category of the statement. In contrast, the subsequent questions are open questions, giving the respondents an option to answer the questions and identify the key objectives and goals of the study. The questions in the survey match the desired format of the answer. The open questions are exhaustive, giving the participant the chance to express themselves concerning the subject matter comprehensively. The order of the questions is also well ranked. The questions are ranked from the most straightforward to the most complex, meaning that the respondents will have an easy time when reading and also responding to related questions. The visual layout of the survey is also clean, simple, and consistent, which ensures easy visibility and readability.

Figure 1 A survey question on patient problems

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