Personal Statement


Since I joined the business school, my perspectives on the corporate world and other activities in the environment have significantly improved. I am now open to new ideas that enhance my sense of clarity on various topical issues that affect productivity in the market. I now have a solid knowledge of the possible outcomes that can hinder growth and development in the business environment. While meeting the changing needs of consumers is not enough, corporate managers should look beyond their stature and focus on developing viable solutions that cater to different stakeholders. Gaining this information and skills would have been impossible if I had not joined the institution. Enrolling for a higher degree at Santa Clara’s Leavey School of business will help me accomplish my desired objectives in the business environment. Besides, I intend to utilize the skills and knowledge acquired from the institution to inspire change in the modern corporate world and beyond.

My Intended Field of Study

Upon my successful enrolment at Santa Clara’s Leavey School of Business, I will pursue the master of science in business analytics. In my world, numbers have always formed a crucial part of my existence because of their ability to make informed decisions. Despite numerous innovations today, many organizations have begun investing in big data to eliminate mistakes that hinder them from predicting the future. When trying to understand these issues, company managers encounter problems in designing the appropriate technique that cushions them from the unprecedented challenges taking place in the corporate world. The business analytics program offered by the Leavey school of business is designed to expose learners to a practical business environment where they can visualize different problems taking place and develop solutions that respond to the issues. I believe the involving program will shape my perspectives and align them with the changing needs affecting corporations in the market today.

Innovations such as the Internet of Things have made operations easier because of their ability to exceed human control and offer a different perspective of various activities in the contemporary corporate world. The ability of organizations to collect data and transform it into meaningful information through a series of analytical processes plays a significant role in defining outcomes in the workplace (Wamba, Gunasekaran, Akter, Ren, Dubey, & Childe, 2017). However, many business leaders struggle to adopt the technique and implement the engaging processes in their specific industries. Although industries such as advertising and healthcare have fully embraced the use of big data, other contexts such as education are yet to incorporate these innovations and use them to develop involving programs. I believe this program will enable me to learn useful insights that will guide me in my ambitions to solve problems affecting different industries in the business environment.

Professional Growth and Development

Upon graduation, I will associate with a market leader to learn from its approach in the corporate world and guide me in my career growth and development. Apart from using the skills gained from the Leavey school of business, it is essential to observe the business environment and align my knowledge with its activities. I am looking forward to gaining the right amount of experience that will enable me to discover various opportunities that can be exploited. Helping corporations overcome their immediate challenges is one of my top aspirations, which I intend to use as a stepping stone to my career. Interacting with different professionals on the top of my list because of the need to build a connection that links me with various individuals who can guide me through the process of accomplishing my career objectives. For this reason, I will identify a mentor or a coach who will monitor my work input and evaluate my progress during the time I will be interning at the organization.

I believe joining Santa Clara is one of the best decisions I will ever make because of its reputation in the learning environment. Its proximity to California’s Silicon Valley presents the institution with a wide range of opportunities that can benefit different students whose focus is on the tech industry. While the use of big data is aligned with modern innovations and technology, I hope to interact with different corporations located in Silicon Valley. Achieving my objectives is an outcome that will shape my destiny and define my future interactions with prospective clients who will benefit from my market experience. Besides, acquiring alternative knowledge and skills through market observation will enable me to understand different topics taught in class and become creative in my plight to accomplish various aspects that hinder corporations from discovering their potential in the business environment.

Attributes, Experience, and Interest

I am a committed and dedicated student with a nose for news, which enables me to learn different aspects besides my focus in the learning environment. I will use this attribute to familiarize myself with various aspects of the program in the hope of emerging victorious in my learning activities. Participating in group work and consulting instructors whenever I encounter any challenges is an approach, I intend to use to overcome the obstacles that distract individuals from experiencing their breakthrough in the learning environment and beyond. Besides forming friendships with like-minded students, I plan to be an exceptional student guided by morals and dedication to accomplishing my learning objectives.

My interest in business analytics is influenced by the need to identify appropriate measures corporations can use to overcome challenges affecting outcomes in the corporate world. Today, many organizations are struggling to identify the problems that influence their ability to overcome competition in the market and meet the ever-changing consumer needs (Marjani, Nasaruddin, Gani, Karim, Hashem, Siddiqa, & Yaqoob, 2017). From this realization, helping corporations address these issues is an important outcome that will cater to individuals’ evolving needs and expose them to a realistic environment where they can pursue their interests in the corporate world. Helping organizations align their vision with an unpredictable technical business environment.


I intend to utilize the skills and knowledge acquired from the institution to inspire change in the modern corporate world and beyond. Business analytics enables company managers to make informed decisions that reflect the company’s position in the business environment. Being able to collect data from consumers and interpret it into meaningful information exposes corporations to an enabling environment to influence outcomes in the market. However, many organizations are unaware of the approaches that can be used to define these interactions and the significance of big data in the workplace. Enrolling at Santa Clara’s Leavey School of business will expose me to a wide range of technical insights and demonstrate how they can be implemented in the work environment to yield adequate results.




Marjani, M., Nasaruddin, F., Gani, A., Karim, A., Hashem, I. A. T., Siddiqa, A., & Yaqoob, I. (2017). Big IoT data analytics: architecture, opportunities, and open research challenges. IEEE Access5, 5247-5261.

Wamba, S. F., Gunasekaran, A., Akter, S., Ren, S. J. F., Dubey, R., & Childe, S. J. (2017). Big data analytics and firm performance: Effects of dynamic capabilities. Journal of Business Research70, 356-365.

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