Operations Management

The manufacturing and service sector contain exhibit common aspects, whereas both may deliver products, the manufacturing operations are frequently viewed as a service delivering tangible products. In contrast, the operation of services does not produce physical items, and hence, may not be regarded as labor-intensive.  The following journal seeks to illustrate the different and similar aspects in manufacturing operations and operation of services in four different aspects.

Customer Involvement

Customer involvement is fundamental in the manufacturing and service-based businesses (Ahmad Malik & Tariq, 2014). Products in the manufacturing sector and the services offered in a service-based business ought to possess the features that fulfil the requirements of each consumer. In contrast, the consumer is frequently acting simultaneously as the services are offered while consumer involvement in finished products occurs after the completion of the manufacturing process.

Production and Consumption

In manufacturing operations, resources are incorporated all through the procedure to manufacture products. This means there are little or no services included throughout the progression, pending the introduction of a product in the market. The concept of retailing the products is known as a service. Consumption of products occurs after the acquisition, whereby a service is virtually experienced during the purchase of a product and is intangible.

Supplier relation to the supply chain

Acquisition of raw materials for the production and service i portrays a similar outcome, which is meeting consumer expectations (Krajewski Ritzman & Malhotra, 2013). The acquisition procedure is similar in both aspects. However, the variations are experienced in the level of inputs required in the manufacturing industry as compared to service-based products.

Delivery of products and services

Delivering manufactured goods and services in the manufacture and service processes exhibits differences. The production operations usually occur in an industrial unit, before arrival at the point of sale (Reid & Sanders, 2019). On the other hand, services are often rendered simultaneously, meaning that a product may not be manufactured before delivering a service.


There is a considerable variation in manufacturing operations and service operations. This is based on by what means a consumer acquires, interrelates, and utilizes the product. However, a similar aspect involves a product should offer value, and quality for a consumer.




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