Information-related capabilities act as essential tools used to develop operationally desirable conditions. The Army utilizes these tools to influence its decision-making processes as it looks forward to enhancing its ability to conduct military operations. A Sergeant Major in the Army relies on intelligence and military deception capabilities to develop the physical, information, and cognitive dimensions. While working closely with the other team members in the task force, the Sergeant Major successfully achieves the set milestones and objectives by relying on the intelligence and military deception information-related capabilities.

Intelligence exists as one of the useful capabilities that inform appropriate decision-making processes in the Army sector. It helps teams to establish specific and quality desirable responses (Department of Defense, 2014). The collection of data and information related to military operations aids in the achievement of a set goal. Intelligence capability incorporates physical, information, and cognitive dimensions. A Sergeant Army Officer relies on platforms such as newspapers, computers, human beings, and other notable physical elements to collect and disseminate data primarily useful in military operations. Notably, the officer evaluates the collection, processing, storing, and dissemination of information to assess its implication on security affairs. Lastly, a Sergeant Army Officer depends on aspects such as information processing, perception, and judgment to develop an appropriate response. For example, in the event of a terror attack, the officer can rely on intelligence to develop a viable response. The physical, informational, and cognitive dimensions play an essential role in determining an appropriate move. For instance, the officer collects all necessary data from sources such as newspapers, computers, and human beings to acquire insights linked to the possible attack and develop a quality response strategy. Besides the intelligence capability, military deception exists as another valuable element useful for a Sergeant Major in the Army.

Military deception act as an excellent strategic move in the military industry. According to the Department of Defense (2014), it is an executed deliberate move that aims at misleading adversary decision-makers while aiming at accomplishing a friendly mission. The main focus of military deceptions is the adoption of desirable behavior. Military deception delivers increased success and friendly activities when properly resources and integrated into the force (Department of the Army, 2019). It closely integrates the physical, information, and cognitive dimensions in the military industry. A Sergeant Army Officer relies on data from sources such as newspapers, computers, and smartphones to investigate a possible threat or risk. Notably, investigation of the storage, processing, spread, and protection of the data acquired helps to initiate a top-notch response in handling a likely attack. Lastly, the officer relies on perception, judgment, and decision-making to come up with a suitable response.  For example, an army officer can react to an attack by the warring neighbor by developing a false security mechanism that aims at initiating a pre-positioned ambush. It can direct the enemies into the wrong side while giving the commander ample time to come up with a suitable move to counter an attack. It helps create a friendly response that does not necessarily lead to the loss of lives and properties, as is the case with these attacks.

Overall, intelligence and military deception are notable information-related capabilities that assist commanders in managing attacks by developing quality responses. Exposure to physical, informational, and cognitive perspectives helps to acquire essential data and information that informs better decisions. The integration of these capabilities delivers the set milestones and objectives.



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