Internet ads

One of the most applicable methods of advertisements is the use of internet ads. An example of this advertisement type is a toothpaste ad on the YouTube platform, where the ad seeks to promote the product to its prospective consumers who have social media accounts.   These types of ads come in the form of videos, which play in between other videos, where they are used to showcase a product or service for a specific company. The question that the ad sought to answer was why people need the product and why it was essential for a person to have it in his household. The internet ad expounded on its benefits by demonstrating its efficiency and how it has helped many people solve their household solutions.  This was through an explanation by a background voice, which was definite and exhaustive on the features, characteristics, and benefits of the product.

The use of internet ads is very appropriate and effective, considering the paradigm shift in the use of technology. The majority of the target consumers are on the internet, a factor that makes this method reach out to a high population. As a result, they have positive results that tend to benefit the company through a massive sale of the products. Some of the legal concerns about this type of ad include concerns about the advertisement of harmful products, the use of other parties’ content such as music, or the issues of pricing on the product. Ethical concerns about such advertisements include Objection to advertising strategy of excessive repetition of the Ad, promotion of stereotypes, and too much advertising to the children, which is considered to be a matter of great concern, more so to the parents.


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