Why was Vincent pretending to be Jerome Morrow?

The reason he was pretending is that he was a fugitive.

Describe the relationship between Anton and Vincent.

Vincent was helpful to Anton, since he had a determined mind, while on the other hand, Anton was straightforward and technically better than Vincent concerning their DNA sequence.

What is Vincent’s dream?

In his dream, Vincent experienced being a father.

Physically, what did Vincent have to do to become Vincent?

 He had to get a facelift to become the Vincent he is now.

Where does Irene take the hair sample, and why?

She takes samples to the gene pool, where she aims to see if it’s real.

What are the genetically inferior called?

They are called standards.

Why does Irene give Vincent a piece of her hair?

She gives Vincent her piece of hair, intending to wish him good luck.

Why does Vincent have to scrub every day?

The reason he scrubs every day is that he has a skin disease that leads to the reactions.

What are some benefits of genetic engineering in GATTACA?

In the movie, one of the benefits of getting genetic engineering is that a person can get good looks. 

What are some disadvantages of genetic engineering in GATTACA?

A significant disadvantage of genetic engineering is that people become conceited due to the process involved in engineering.


How do you feel about the genetic engineering of people?

I feel that Genetic engineering of people may have benefits on their looks. Therefore, they will look better and more attractive, a factor that is likely to enhance their esteem and confidence levels. Nevertheless, this may have a negative health impact on their body. It may also have long-term effects, which may lead to the after-effects of a given individual’s body.

Is a world of genetically engineered people, such as depicted in GATTACA, likely to happen?

The genes influence health and disease of an individual. They also influence human traits and behavior. Research is getting conducted to use genetic technology as a way of contributing to different phenotypes.

Do you think creation of a world of genetically engineered people is a good thing or bad thing…why/why not?

I believe that the creation of a world of genetically engineered people is a bad thing. Society will become more and more distinct if this is encouraged.

Do we want a perfect society?

No, there is no need for a perfect society. This is since individuals would be more pressured to match the standards of a perfect human.

How far is far enough to genetically altering a child?

I believe that no child’s genes should be genetically altered. I fell that this may cause harm to the child.

Where does the name GATTACA originate from?

This is a name for the 1977 movie, which starred Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. The name was derived from initial letters of the 4 DNA nitrogenous bases. They stand for G- guanine A – Adenine T- Thymine C-0 Cytosine.

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