Features of Complete Instructions

Instructions are step by step explanations of how to perform a specific task. The task may be such as operation, repair, or building of a gadget. These sets of rules are critical in the successful justification that the task was completed. Instructions act as a manual that explains how to perform an intricate technical procedure. However, a set of instructions that is not complete or written haphazardly may create an information barrier leading to the users being challenged to complete the task.

Problems Arising from the Set of Instructions

This set of instructions has exempted writing about the background that gives the content of what is to be explained. The author should have indicated the specific tasks to be explained and the scope of coverage. This includes what the reader needs in terms of understanding the instruction being relayed (McMurrey and Race, 2019). A computer is needed to save the file; thus, the instructions could have pointed out the list of equipment necessary for the procedure. This is usually found on the exempted background of the instructions.

The author did not add supplementary discussion to beef up the instructions are given. The supplementary discussions are used to show the reader how things look before and after a step. This informs the reader if the operation was successful, thus continue to the next step. In this case, the author should have indicated the notes in a different color to emphasize the importance of a step.

The author did not use special notes when explaining how to save the recording on the computer. The instructions for saving the file are showcased by abstract images as they have no explanations; thus, the intended purpose is distorted. The instructions assume the computer literacy of users, thus may inconvenience a reader with minimal computer literacy. The author should have added special notes to show how the file can be played on a computer on each image of the instructions.

There were no graphic images used when explaining the step by step usage of the recorder. The statements relayed should have had an image accompanying the step for the user to have a reference. For example, the instruction of pressing the pause button would have an image showing the action taking place; thus, the user will not have doubts performing the task.



McMurrey, D., & Race, C. (2019). 02.06: Instructions.

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