Employee of the Month


John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, said, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try” (Ponterotto, 59). This award is a great honor and appreciates the recognition. This organization has treated me as a family from the moment I came here as colleagues have transitioned into my closest friends. We must believe that we have the power to influence a change in our environment. This organization is my environment, and I have always strived to make a lasting difference that will impact future generations of employees that will carry on the company’s mission to achieve sustainable environmental development.

Thesis Statement

I want to take this opportunity to appreciate three people who have made this day reality in my career—God, family, and colleagues.

  1. First Main Point- Appreciating God

Challenges and strength to keep fighting

  1. Second Main Point-Family

My parents for always supporting my dreams since I was young till I got a job at this firm.

My older siblings for the financial guidance they offered me throughout my career development.

  1. Third Main Point-Colleagues

For the support, they accorded me when I was still adjusting the organization’s schedules.

For believing in my work model which has propelled me to get this recognition.


It would have been unlikely that I would be standing on this platform without the help of these three important persons who have steered me mentally and psychologically to this point of life. This organization has given us all a platform that we can use to change the world one product at a time.

Each one of us has been allowed to achieve their dreams in this organization.

I leave you with a remark from Lupita Nyongo a Kenyan-Mexican actress and author” Dreams are valid.”



Work Cited

Ponterotto, Joseph G. A psychobiography of John F. Kennedy, Jr.: Understanding his inner life, achievements, struggles, and courage. Charles C Thomas Publisher, 2018.

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