Creative Archetype

Surviving difficult situations is viewed as a bold outcome that requires individuals to utilize their inner strength to overcome issues taking place in their surroundings. Brad and Maya are locked out from accessing the mainland because of the extreme weather that has affected their mobility using the boat. The first attempt to get out of the island proved to be a deadly affair after the storm struck their boat midway and had to swim to the dry land. It was scary for Maya as she had a brief encounter with death. However, without kitchen supply, they had to try moving out to avoid succumbing to hunger and lack of fresh water.

Visiting the island was meant to be an exploratory move that would enhance their relationship. The couple had fallen out on an issue and they settled on the island because of its ambience. The initial trip to the secluded area was fun because of the memories they had created. The owner of the cottage only offers transport and leaves immediately to allow independence and detachment from the normal world. It is a therapeutic experience, he says. Brad and Maya believed this unique experience would enhance their perspectives towards life because of its ability to shape their nature of interactions.

On this day, Maya was angry about what the trip had turned out to be. Having no access to the normal world, the couple knew they had to risk crossing over to the other side. The tides were high and soon, the island would be covered by the dangerous waves. With a non-functioning boat, Maya believed Brad was to blame for breaking their trust, which saw them visit the island to reconcile. Brad believes Maya’s unrelenting behavior poses a problem to their efforts to cross to the other side safely. While he is hopeful, Maya positions herself as another challenge he must overcome to return to the normal world.

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