Completed Program Proposal with Reflection


The economy of the United States has dramatically changed, whether it be the social or economic status. The current recession has negatively impacted the lives of numerous American citizens. More jobs, especially for the youth, are being cut while fresh opportunities are being taken away due to inadequate funding or lack of education. I intend to propose a raft of measures that are based on the funding of a project that seeks to alleviate unemployment amongst the youth.

Needs Assessment

The rate of unemployment amongst the youth in Queens stood at 3% at the start of the year, with the number rising as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. Moreover, the rate of employment is more amongst Hispanic citizens, encouraged by the level of education. The program designed towards catering for job openings is biased to those that don’t have a college degree. This makes it impossible for a significant number of individuals fail to access a career with sustainable revenue. It is, therefore, important to develop a program that aims to incorporate every youth regardless of the level of education.

Program Design

The key aim of the project is to initiate ways of reducing the rate of unemployment amongst the disadvantaged youth in Queens. The main resources to be utilized include the READI guide (Soft skills training), generating numerous workstations, and also the integration of proposals offered by different proprietors (Solutions for Youth Employment, 2015). The program design will involve a series of activities at various stages. They entail the process of application, youth selecting the desired tasks, and attending a job searching and soft skills training.

Implementation Plan with Funding

This will entail the government’s commitment towards initiatives meant for the youth through a considerable allocation of resources (OECD, 2014). In this context, a special allocation of funds amounts to $100,000 obtained. This is in addition to the allocated resources by various stakeholders to the period 2020-2022. Additionally, funds will also be sourced from the European social fund with a national action plan being put in place to guarantee employment for youth between 18-25 years.


There are various barriers and expected outcomes for the youth-based project. The challenges include none existence of skills on avenues of the establishment of jobs. The other challenge includes sustaining the level of monetary and employment expansion to equal the growing youth populace and demand (Taylor, 2018). The expected outcomes of the proposed project include assisting the youth attain practical capabilities and bridging the gap between source and demand in the employment industry.




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