Changing Credit Card Information on Amazon


The following steps are based on how a person, as an Amazon client, may alter credit card information on file. This is done as a result of improper names and the expiration of a billing address or date. It is important to adhere to the following steps to guarantee smooth transactions on Amazon.


Step 1: Access Amazon Website

Figure 1: Accessing the Website

Step 2: Click on the button; Sign in Securely

Figure 2: Amazon Home Page

Step 3: Sign in using Email and Password.

Figure 3: Log in Page

Step 4: Click on Accounts and Lists Option on the top right corner of the Home Page.

Figure 4: Home Page

Step 5: Click on “Your Payments Option”

Figure 5: Accounts and Lists Option

Step 6: Select the credit card and click on the drop-down on the right side. Then click on the Edit option.

Figure 6: Payment Options page in Amazon

Step 7: Edit any credit card information. For instance, Name, Billing Information, and click on Save.

Figure 7: Alteration of the Name, Credit Card






Amazon. (2020, March 12). Retrieved June 15, 2020, from

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