Bias and Stereotyping

Bias, stereotyping and implicit biasness are subconscious attitudes amongst human beings that may disrupt the relationship between the nurse and the patient. According to Cai (2016), it is important a community health nurse be cognizant of the stereotyping indicators and the associated challenges amongst diverse cultures, sex and ethnic backgrounds. A nurse may recognize biasness in a society through the establishment of a good rapport, spending enough time with members of the community and knowing them on an individual level. The health practitioner identifies bias during a community health evaluation, as they collect social, environmental and cultural accounts regarding persons and assess the history. Therefore, it is central for the nurse to be thoughtful and avert any instance of discrimination.

To manage cases of stereotyping, culturally competent nursing care is vital. According to Cai (2016), cultural competence is the capability of a health practitioner to offer genuine, efficient and respectful services to patients founded on comprehending differences pertaining to diverse cultures. Being a fundamental player in the health sector, nurses should identify and be thoughtful of the cultural diversities, which may be a pointer to biasness. Various strategies can be implemented in regard to mitigating cases of cultural bias.

Foremost, I would respect my patients’ principles and letting them practice the values. I engage in a dialect conversant with my patients and present translators if needed. When partaking in evaluations and clinical processes, I at all times make introductions, clarify the processes a patient will undergo and guarantee patients’ involvement in decision-making processes regarding the care. This aspects present the patient with an element of authorization and develops their self-confidence.  As the populace diversifies, comprehending the diverse cultures and valuing the diversity is important in provision of holistic care. Effectively working within a patient’s cultural pretext is key in fostering cultural security and providing a secure health atmosphere with no discrimination and biasness.




Cai, D., Y. (2016). A concept analysis of cultural competence. Retrieved



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