Analytical Questions

Question 1

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Racial inequality and police brutality are a very serious issue in the United States. Black minorities are often discriminated against and stigmatized by the police. There have been numerous events, where the minorities are killed or physically harmed without having committed any crime. As a result, Kaepernick and his 49ers teammate Eric Reid opted to kneel during the anthem as a way of calling to the attention the brutality of the police and racial inequality, where as a result, he became a free agent and was never picked by any team.

Do you agree with Colin’s opinions?

I agree with Collin’s opinions on police brutality and the state’s failure to undertake measures that will help protect the civilians, more so the black society in the country.

Do you agree with Colin’s actions?

I concur with Colin’s actions, where they highlighted the message to the government and the public with regard to police brutality. The police department in the country was also reminded of their role to protect the citizens instead of discriminating, humiliating and killing them.

Do you agree with the opinions and potential actions of the Santa Clara Police Department?

I do not agree with the potential opinions and actions of the Santa Clara Police Department. This is since, there was a need for ­­department to first acknowledge their brutality towards the black community and admit that the citizens had the right to protest. Secondly, the department needed to develop strategies which would ensure that police brutality cases are efficiently addressed to ensure a better relationship between the people and the police. There would also be a need for making sure that issues of racism amongst the cops are also addressed. This is since it has become rampant where the black people within the society are treated equally, without getting stigmatized.

Question 2

I realize he does not represent Texas, but what are your thoughts?

All leaders, including Congress members, need to be people of integrity despite the states that they lead. The infidelity portrayed by Vance McAlister is a case of lack of moral and ethical standards that should be punished in any given state, and not just in Texas. It is also apparent that his actions go against his campaign, where he had claimed that he puts his family before anything else.

Do you believe the outcry would be different if he represented Texas?

I do not believe that this issue would have been any different in Texas. However, the Texas County is bigger than Louisiana; hence more pressure would have been from the public. The press would thus be more concerned about the scandal.

Is this any of our business?

The behavior of a leader is of public interest. A leader has the responsibility of showing the public that he is a man of moral standards and that he can respect his family member. He has been mandated by his constituents to be their leaders and hence by bad and unethical actions; he tends to betray the trust which the public endowed on him.

Should we hold Congressman and other elected officials to a higher standard?

There is a need for the congressmen and other elected officials to be held at a higher standard. This is since they represent the people, where their personal lives are constantly monitored by the public

Does this affect his ability to do his job?

This scandal could have affected the way he does his job. This is since, the family could get emotionally and psychologically affected, which may also affect him negatively in his ability to do the job.

Should this be a factor in his reelection?

The behavior of the congressman is a factor that ought to get considered in his re-election. Despite his apologies, it is evident that he failed to observe the moral and ethical standards expected of him. The people of Louisiana will be mandated with the decision to forgive him or not. However, they should take into consideration giving him a second chance based on the fact that he owned up to his mistakes and that his wife had forgiven him for his wrongdoings.

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