AHA Experiences

Aha Experience

Everyone has experienced a sudden moment filled with comprehensions or glimpses of insights that change the way they perceive things. That moment allows one to have a clear view of a problem or a situation after enduring a fuzzy eyesight (Chretien, 2014). At a personal level, I have had these incredible moments of clarity that have fueled my ability to perform or even think innovatively. One instance is when we my childhood friend terminated our friendship without giving an apparent reason. Initially, I remained distraught and questioned why a lifelong friendship came to a sudden halt. Even after trying to contact her, she could not take my calls nor respond to my messages. All this time, I had tormented myself thinking that I was the reason we parted ways. It was until I analyzed the situation from a different angle that I realized that it was not about me, but her. From that moment, I learned that humans are naturally emotional and failure to regulate them can cloud my judgment. Moreover, I learned that I could carry an undeserved burden since I consider other people’s needs more than mine, and I assume blame quickly.

Another aha experience occurred during my sister’s birthday party. I had sustained a knee injury and for two weeks, I could not stand for long without feeling a severe pain. When the party started, I initially enjoyed myself as I saw the party mood fill the room. However, that happiness would later be overridden by resentment and envy as I witnessed people have the fun I could not enjoy. To quell my emotions, I went ahead and locked myself in my room. However, the music downstairs made me even more furious. Suddenly, I realized that just as I had made a choice to be gloomy about my situation, I had the choice to be happy over my sister’s birthday, as well as enjoy seeing others experience a lovely moment. That moment revealed that I have the potential to channel my attention of positivity, and it brings more joy and wards off suffering.


Chretien, K. C. (2014). The ah(a) moment. Academic Medicine, 89(5), 701. https://doi.org/10.1097/ACM.0000000000000203

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