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Discipline: Business Studies

Type of Paper: Analysis (any type)

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 3 Words: 825


This is an assignment based on location strategies.
Your objective is to select the next location for your business . (It can be any business).

Assume that your business does not exist in the selected states.
Also assume that I have no idea about your industry and your business.

There are 2 critical analyses in this assignment:
Briefly introduce your business
Identify and explain the major factors that affect your business location decisions

Use the Factor Rating Method to evaluate location alternatives. I need you to look at 3 alternative states/cities in your analysis so you can pick the right kinds of factors e.g. State can offer tax incentives while the city has a railroad station. YOU MUST USE A TABLE AND SHOW YOUR NUMBERS

Next, using well researched data, do a Crossover Chart for Locational Cost-Volume Analysis – for expected volume of output – you could use an expected annual output in units (e.g. number of new savings accounts, mortgages in a bank; new students in a school; customers in a restaurant or retail; new patients etc.

Analyze the lowest costs between all 3 locations and then indicate the cross over point for the highest profit

As always, I need to see detailed explanation to justify the numbers – Don’t assume that I understand
Detailed analysis is more critical rather than page length.
3-4 pages maximum
Use paragraphs, titles and bullets etc. Where required, use flow charts, graphics and tables
Cite all sources using APA Format - which requires both in text and end of paper citations
APA Citation Format