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Discipline: Psychology

Type of Paper: Essay (any type)

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 275


Writing Guidelines
1. Select a psychologist whose theories you find interesting. Some examples include:
Kinsey, Masters, Johnson, Skinner, Watson, Piaget, Kohlberg, Freud, Gottman,
Sternberg, and Lee.
2. Read about the psychologist and his/her theories using the textbook, internet
websites, and or books in the library.
3. In one or more pages discuss the background of the psychologist and their theory.
• Paragraph One “Background Information”: Discuss background information
including education, country of origin, birth date (and date of death if
applicable), marital status and marital information, family background
information, and any other interesting information about their life such as
winning a Nobel Prize.
• Paragraph Two “Theory”: Discuss their theory. For example: if discussing
John Alan Lee is sure to explain his theory of “Colors of Love”.
• Paragraph Three “Application/Critique”: Discuss the importance of this theory
in the field of psychology, and how this theory is applied today. If the theory
is controversial, then discuss the controversies regarding the theory and
arguments for and against it. For example, Kohlberg's theory is considered
controversial because he had only male participants in his study which makes
it challenging to apply some of his conclusions to females.
• Page Two “Bibliography/Work Cited”: Cite any sources used in your paper
using APA format. This is the only section of the paper that needs to be in
APA format.
4. Additional Important Information:
• Minimum of one full page.
• 1-inch margins (upper, lower, right, left).
• Cover page is not needed since it is submitted to Canvas. Please do not add
name to the page where the assignment is written since it will take up space
and will not meet the full one page requirement.
• Standard English grammar, punctuation, and appropriate capitalization.
• Times New Roman 12 point.
• Double spaced.
• Bibliography/Work Cited on the second page using APA format. This is the only
section of the paper that needs to be in APA format.
5. Please note: cutting and pasting from the internet, use of another author’s thoughts
and/or words from any resource without citation in the response and a bibliography,
using sentences such as “Scientists/Researchers say that…” or “According to current
research” (without citing who the scientists are…what the research is…and not citing
them/it) is considered plagiarism. Plagiarism is not tolerated and therefore the
instructor will take academic disciplinary action. Please see the syllabus section titled academic honesty.