Reflection Paper

Discipline: Human Resources Management (HRM)

Type of Paper: Reflection paper/Reflection essay

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 275


Write a reflection paper that:
Reflects on your professional growth during the master’s program–
What were your strengths at the beginning of the program and how did you leverage them to succeed? (List at least 3)
What were your weaknesses when you started the program (List at least 3)
How did you address them?
Are they still weaknesses?
What additional professional development can you do to continue growing in these areas?
Describes each of your artifacts presented in your profile, the associated skills demonstrated, and how those skills would be beneficial to the employer.
Write a 1000 – 1500 word APA formatted paper.
The document should include:
Title Page
Personal Development Plan
Reflection on the Course (what should we stop doing, what should we continue doing, and what should we start doing?
References – 5 or more references using APA format
Grading Rubric:

Here is a link to my Portfolium account that will give a glimpse into my background and master’s program.

Here is a copy of this Course description.
This MGMT696, M.A. in Management Capstone: Portfolio course is the final course in the Master’s Program. This course will prepare students to reflect on their academic experience by compiling and revising artifacts from previous courses in the program into an organize e-portfolio. The e-portfolio will reflect the student’s educational growth from the entry in the master’s program. In addition, the student will develop the skills necessary to successfully transition to and navigate post-graduate life as well as understand the civic and social responsibilities of being educated citizens. Finally, students will be given the resources to connect with APU/AMU in an ongoing relationship.