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Discipline: Management

Type of Paper: Project

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 14 Words: 3850


Assignment Overview:

The Risk Management Department is doing a routine assessment of completed company projects in order to make any improvements in the way that Systems Engineering Corporation manages its projects. The company has decided that the most effective way to find areas of improvement is to do a “lessons learned” detailed analysis of completed projects, which should yield both best (successful) practices and areas needing improvement. Because the Orion shield project is the most recently completed, it will be the first project studied in this way.

You have been promoted into this job because of your project management knowledge. Your first task in this new position is to complete a detailed analysis of the management of the Orion Shield project in order to make recommendations to your department on how to improve project management in the organization. You are to analyze this project in terms of what worked well and what could be improved, and your report should consist of a detailed analysis as well as recommendations that consist of specific actionable items that can be implemented throughout the organization.

Assignment Instructions:

In anticipation of this new risk management effort in the company, the managers of the Orion Shield project had kept detailed records on the project, and you will find that detail in The Orion Shield Case Description (found below as a separate file). This video (and/or transcription) will give you a good view of multiple perspectives on the project, from the different project stakeholders. You will want to be sure to address each stakeholder’s perspective for any insights into project management improvement.

Using what you know about project management (and using source materials in this week’s assignment), you should create a detailed report of your analysis of the Orion Shield Project management and your recommendations for improvement. You will need to understand the stakeholders, both internal and external to SEC, and the SEC organization chart provided on the first page of the case is a good place to start. There will be many areas of potential risk for you to assess, but consider at least the technical, ethical, legal, and contractual areas in your assessment.

Your report body with actionable recommendations should be no more than 20 pages, plus an executive summary of no more than two pages. Be sure to cite relevant resources , including any quotes from stakeholders, and include a reference list for the report (not counted in the page count for the body of the paper).

Format for the paper: Include

A meaningful report title
A short executive summary with all key results and recommendations
A short introduction with report purpose and contents
Section headings helpful to the reader
Conclusions with key points repeated from the report body
References list in APA format
Page numbers on all pages