There will be three different assignments in here. Pretty easy.

Discipline: Sociology

Type of Paper: Coursework

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


First and most important assignment. APA style please 100-150 words only !! Use SB-Chapter9-Hearing-VestPercep-Taste-Smell.pdf
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Sources (list)
× No outside sources !! Only the one mention above.

Before you start writing your post, check the grading rubric on the syllabus!

Before you submit your post, take a minute to look over your response:

• Are your statements clear?

• Are your statements backed with experience or facts? If not, change them

• If you used “thing(s),” “stuff,” “it,” what specific terms could you use in their place?


Please respond to EITHER of the following prompts: 1) Think of what "culture" is (e.g., what it's made up of). Can hearing or hearing loss teach us culture? In what ways? OR 2) How can we learn from our olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) senses? How can they teach us to survive?
Citation for this assignment - Make sure to use APA style please please !
Biological Psychology: An Introduction to Behavioral, Cognitive, and Clinical Neuroscience. Breedlove, S. M., Rosenzweig, M. R., & Watson, N. V. (Eds.). 5th edition. Sunderland, MA: Sinauer Associates. 2007.

Now second and third assignment is Sociology
Use one page to write these
Use all of the rest of the sources I uploaded ! No outside sources !!
Why do the governments implement mandatory detention policies for undocumented immigrants, for those caught entering illegally, and immigrants who involved even in minor offenses? Do you think that it makes a deterrent effect?
What is the burden of holding immigrants behind bars without bond until deportation?
If you compare mandatory immigration detention to criminal pretrial detention what would you say?
What would be other alternatives to mandatory detention of immigrants?
Now third section
Please read and respond to the following question(s) based on this week's readings.

What is the most notable information you learned from this week's assignments and activities?
You could use these as sources as well.