The End of Car Ownership

Discipline: Marketing

Type of Paper: Case study

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


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Please answer the following questions (Do NOT include questions in the paper, thank you)
1) Briefly describe the current relationship with cars that Americans have, and describe how that relationship is changing over time.
2) What are auto companies doing to adapt to the changes that are occurring in the relationship that Americans have with their cars?
3) Based on the growth of ride sharing and self-driving cars, how will a consumer's daily lifestyle change as a result?
4) What marketing research methods would you recommend to car companies and other companies in the automobile industry to better understand consumer behaviors and attitudes about car ownership and use?
Think about what you have read in this article. How might these changes impact other industries and product categories? Identify related and complementary industries and product categories that will change and/or can capitalize on these changes in automobile ownership and usage. Discuss at least (2) related industries and/ or product categories and explain your choices.