Stereotype Threat. (further topic info attached)

Discipline: Psychology

Type of Paper: Presentation/PPT

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

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The important thing to keep in mind is that every slide you create should be informative and expand on what you are going to say to your audience.  My recommendation is to write out or, at least, outline your presentation before trying to put together slides.  Have a plan of what you intend to say and then figure out how to visualize it.
All presentations should tell a narrative that includes a beginning, middle, and end.  The first part of your presentation should always present the problem--ask yourself, "What are we going to solve today?"  The middle of the presentation should present your key findings, but they should always tie back into the central issue you want to solve.  By the end of the presentation, your audience should feel like they've learned something, and that they have a better understanding of the solution
Please include these points:
* Introduce your topic (i.e., What is your topic? Give background information. Make connections to course learning.  Demonstrate your understanding and depth of knowledge on topic.)
* Your justification for selecting this topic (i.e., Why did you pick this topic?)
* Present research information on your topic (i.e., What did you learn from your research on your topic? What are the real-world implications?)
* Three take-aways from your presentation (i.e., What do you want your classmates to learn from your presentation?)

* Depth of Research – Information is detailed and comprehensive.  You demonstrate understanding of your topic.
* Connection to Class Concepts – You demonstrate understanding of class concepts.  You understand how class concepts are connected to your topic.
* Framework – You follow the framework provided in the assignment instructions.  You introduce your topic, provide justification for selecting your topic, explain what you learned about your topic and describe three take-aways from your presentation.  For more information, please refer to the instructions for Phase II.
* Organization of Slides – Information is presented in a logical and coherent manner.
* Quality of Slides - Information is represented and conveyed effectively.
 Resources / References
* Quality of resources – Resources are relevant to research topic/questions.
* Use of resources – Resources are used and properly cited in presentation.
* List of resources - Four resources, including your textbook, are listed in APA format.

photos or anything that would make it visually interactive for the presentation wold be great to have.
I put 7 slides just to make sure thats enough, however, if the presentation meets all of the criteria and is well done in fewer slides, that is acceptable too, but 7 just seems about the right number.