Discipline: Psychology

Type of Paper: Research paper

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


Continue on the work that is completed. " You'll notice that now instead of needing to find 4 more articles for the annotated bibliography, you may now find 2 more-and turn in a total of 3 annotations, rather than 5, for the end of Project 2. However, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE BEEN ASKING ABOUT EXTRA CREDIT: You may hand in up to two (2) extra annotations with your final project 2 for up to 5 points extra credit." DO EXTRA CREDIT PLEASE!! Now comments from the completed assignment fix it up -But some of the vars that you id are actually quasi IVs... otherwise great job


topic/variable brainstorming Options Menu: Forum

For Part 1 a of this assignment, you are to do some more brainstorming, answer some questions and respond to others, and generate search terms. You complete this in this forum.

Then, for Part 1 b, you will do some library work, and submit one article and a written synopsis on it, explaining it’s relationship to your research-that is to be completed in a different forum.

Everything is due next Sunday, April 5 before 11:59 PM.

To complete Part 1a, create a new thread here and answer the questions below. Then, respond to two others posts before the due date. This is the perfect place to get information about how to, and to work on, focusing your topic. Please note, however, that you MUST submit your own article in Part 2.

Part 1a. Create a new thread and answer the questions below and respond to two others posts before 4/5 at 11:59 PM.

1. Research Topic: What topic are you considering for Project 2/Paper 2 (note you can pick from the list, or generate a completely new one)? ____________________.

Topics mentioned:

social media/stress/anxiety

stress reduction: reading music

stress and procrastination

prosocial behavior



the death penalty: attitudes

attitudes toward COVID: urban vs. suburban


racism, prejudice, propaganda

Other COVID related topics: blame of minority groups

2. Possible Variables: What possible variables might you examine as part of this topic?

What ways can you think of that you might be able to measure these variables?

3. List some search terms that you might use to help you find literature and indicate where you will do your first online library search to see what research people have conducted in your topic area.
For Part 1 b of this assignment you will do some library work, and submit one article and a written synopsis on it, explaining it’s relationship to your research. You complete this in this forum.

You should have Part 1 a is completed in a forum.

Part 1b.

1. Conduct a literature search using the search terms you identified in part 1 a, and locate at least 1 article that might be useful for a literature review on your topic.

2. Upload the article here, and write one or two paragraphs synopsizing the article and explaining how it might be useful to your topic. Comment on two others posts.

1. Finally, after looking over material that others have posted, and considering what you have read, are you close to formulating a specific research hypothesis with either an IV/IV, a Quasi IV/DV or two DVs (for a correlation?) If no, why not? If yes, what is that hypothesis