My market is russia!!!!

Discipline: Communications

Type of Paper: Coursework

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 1100


Topic: Prepare a Media Plan and Strategy for the client and issues as described below
“Barcelona Turisme” is a consortium created by the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping and the Barcelona Promotion Foundation in order to promote the city as a tourist destination.
It is the post-corona world.
Tourism was one of the main economic engines of the capital of Catalonia. For that reason, right after this severe crisis, “Barcelona Turisme” is planning a new international advertising campaign to attract, again, visitors from several key markets, including yours (MARKET OF RUSSIA).
Before the crisis, the city was receiving almost 10 million of visitors every year (including holidays, cultural activities, cruises and conventions segments).
But the client considers that, in the new era, there’s even room for improvement, especially beyond summer. It also wants to increase the amount of money spent per person and day, as well as the number of overnight stays per tourist. Therefore, “Barcelona Turisme” wants to boost those segments that are “wealthier” than one of the most popular today: frugal young travelers spending low-cost party weekends or mini-vacations in the city.

 To attract more tourists from your market, during peak seasons (Summer, Christmas and New Year’s) but also during time-periods outside of these peak seasons (regular weekends, long weekends, particular holidays of your country...).
 To attract tourists with a high spending power, to increase the daily spending per person.
 To attract tourists that can spend as many nights as possible, to increase the spending per overall stay.
The client expects to know the best media strategy for the whole year 2021. This client will listen to your recommendations aimed at any period or numerous periods of the mentioned year (it considers that you’re the experts in “targeting” and “seasoning” your market).
This timing includes 1st January 2022, but not 1st January 2021 (the latter is viewed as part of the 2020 planning).

Since the campaign is planned with plenty of time in advance and the client considers that you’re the experts of your market, it hasn’t decided the media mix yet. It hasn’t approved any definitive budget either; “Barcelona Turisme” will await your recommendations before taking final action (which is development of creativities for selected media and budget allocation).
The client expects a strategic approach that considers mainly paid conventional media (offline and online), but also owned and earned media possibilities, keeping in mind that budget is not unlimited, and that any investment must be optimized. But “Barcelona Turisme” will study any coherent proposal that presents a consistency between strategy and reasonable budget.
It’s not necessary to design a Media Plan, nor to determine/manage a particular budget. The main objective is to set a comprehensive Media Strategy. Strategic considerations about investment are welcome, but not mandatory.
1) Understanding and analysis of the situation:
 Client’s needs and its communications objectives
 Brand’s attributes (Barcelona as tourist destination)
 Market approach: target groups, consumption habits within category (leisure travel)
 Additional market research (trends in leisure travel, competition’s activity...)
 (...)
2) Strategic considerations to set a Media Strategy:
 Media Mix selection (where are your target groups/audiences?)
 Seasoning and timing
 Paid media strategy (media supports, estimated reach...)
 Possible owned media strategies/actions (the creation of own digital channels can be suggested)
 By investing in a particular media vehicle, any possible return in earned media is foreseeable? (remember that organizations today pay and own to earn media and social media exposure).
 (...)