Matthew or Mark from the bible

Discipline: Social Work and Human Services

Type of Paper: Outline

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 3 Words: 825


You are working on a draft but it is going to have sufficient information in it in order to do your Final Project. You are going to be working on different books of the Bible depending on your last name:

Last names starting with the letters A–B will research Exodus or Deuteronomy.
Last names starting with the letters C–D will research Ruth or Psalms.
Last names starting with the letters E–G will research Proverbs or Isaiah.
Last names starting with the letters H–K will research Jeremiah, Micah, or Malachi.
Last names starting with the letters L–N will research Matthew or Mark.
Last names starting with the letters O – R will research Luke, Acts, or Romans.
Last names starting with the letters S – T will research II Corinthians or Galatians.
Last names starting with the letters U–Z will research James or I Timothy.

As you research one book of the Bible that you choose from the two you have been assigned (see above, depending on your last name), I would like to see at least two references regarding the themes found within the book. Each book will have a social work and justice theme that you need to discern as you read it over several times before you start researching it.

As you write up your paper you will need a cover page-see Perdue Owl for how to do an APA cover page: and a running header.
Make sure on the cover page you include your name and the Book of the Bible Researched.
You will need to have references at the bottom in complete APA format. At least three academic resources (hopefully more!).
Within the body of the draft paper itself make sure that you indicate which books contained what themes relating to “helping the poor and needy”. Be specific and use in text citation references to indicate where your material was found. You may use biblical journals/commentaries and social work journals. Try using biblical commentaries after you have identified the texts you want to look at in your final project. You should have at least three pages of content on the material you plan to use in your final project.
You then need to outline how you will creatively present your powerpoint for your final project. Give a detailed outline and explanation of what you will include.
Thus, your draft paper will have a cover page, running title and references, be at least three pages long and include content from the academic articles/books you intend to use in your final presentation. Check out these sites for help with researching your biblical books,, (these are not the resources you site but just places to get you started). You will also need to use Liberty’s online library. Search social work and biblical studies or social justice or helping the poor and the particular books of the bible that you are researching.