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She said something about the effects of volunterring but you could think of something. Also you could think about the topic more broad meaning / back in the 1950 first borns were able to go to work because families couldn't afford paying for college and later borns were going to work. Any historical events that contributed to first borns going to college could be helpful and interesting to her. She is a pretty tough grader so I am letting you know what she said. Whatever pictures I uploaded she said we could add to our paper. She is teaching us how to write this experiment so we could copy her. Also remember that nowadays we have more later born students attending colleges. Thank you. Let me know when you can send me the invoice.
File 311.exper.1.intro.outline.docx (
McBride.APA.sample.paper.with.explanation.doc - This is the most important one. It explains everything. I will upload pictures from today's lecture.