Letter of Recommendation

Discipline: Medicine

Type of Paper: Memo/Letter

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 550


This needs to be a letter of recommendation written in the perspective of an orthopedic surgeon that is recommending me to medical school. I am a pre-med student and he is a doctor that I've shadowed for several months and had a great pleasure working with. He insisted that I write my own later on his behalf as he's very busy so that's why I'm asking for the help. his name does not need to be included ill deal with that later. Fairly straightforward but I attached a cliche example here. Please try to make mine sound relatively unique by possibly including some anecdote or specific memory. Should include good qualities about me, such as eagerness to learn, compassionate, dedication, intelligent, etc. The starting line of the recommendation can be something like:
Dear Program Director,

It is truly a pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Mr. Jonathan Aronov, a dedicated and bright student that shadowed me over a period of several months.