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Crowdsourcing is not only used for relatively simple tasks such as designing a web site or designing a case for a smartphone. Today, it is increasingly being used in more complex designs as well. Precyse Technology provides supply-chain products and solutions that assist organizations in tracking their inventories using RFID technology It was having difficulty improving the performance and battery life of a particular RFID device; there were not adequate internal resources to tackle the problem. So, Precyse asked Innocentive, a crowdsourcing provider, for assistance, believing that crowdsourcing would provide quick access to a worldwide talent pool and a higher return on investment (ROI). Ultimately, the company received more than 300 ideas from global experts for solving its problem. It narrowed the pool down to 3 finalists, from which a winner was chosen. The whole process took approximately 4 months, and Precyse estimated that it saved the company $250,000

Answer the following questions

What are some typical applications of crowdsourcing?
What are some advantages of crowdsourcing?
How could crowdsourcing reduce the system design cost?

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