criminological theories

Discipline: Sociology

Type of Paper: Essay (any type)

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 4 Words: 1100


Explain all parts of the following hypothetical scenario using at least 4 criminological theories:
a) Joe, a juvenile delinquent, contemplates committing a criminal act; b) The opportunity presents
itself; c) The criminal act is committed; d) Joe continues to commit crime throughout adulthood.
Your answer should include a discussion of the following:
1. Why does Joe contemplate committing crime?
2. Explain the type of crime Joe committed. You may select any type of crime discussed this
semester. Make sure to use theory to explain why he may have committed that particular
crime, and how that particular crime is explained by theory.
3. Why does Joe continue to offend throughout life?
4. Suggest a policy and/or program to combat this particular type of crime/criminal. may include a discussion of a macro-level theory that may have an
additional influence on Joe’s criminal behavior