choose 3 out of 4 questions

Discipline: Communications

Type of Paper: Coursework

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


choose 3 out of 4 questions and answer 250-300 words for each

Question 1: Analyse (take apart and examine in-depth) how organizational communication has changed in the 21st century. Use examples from companies discussed in-class or from your own research.
Question 2: Critically assess the challenges for organizational culture to become a facilitator to change. Use example of companies discussed in class or from your own research, to illustrate the challenges.
Question 3: Analyse the organizational communication of a company you know, and critically assess its strengths and weaknesses. Finally, suggest recommendations to improve it.
Question 4: Differentiate three major organizational communication theories and illustrate how organisations can benefit from them. Use examples from companies you know or have researched.

Look through ppt files to take information also.

The student must build a coherent discussion or argument in essay format, analyzing
theories and models. Case studies may be referred to when providing examples. The structure of each response should include an Introduction, a Body of Analysis, and a Conclusion.
 Students must write in complete sentences and develop paragraphs. No bullet points are allowed.
 Suggested word length for each answer is 250-350 words.
 Use a new page for each answer.
 Build your argument by coherently linking your statements and sections.