Discipline: Psychology

Type of Paper: Coursework

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 275


Discussion board should be only 100-150 words. Keep it simple and no citations. All initial posts are due Tuesday @ 11:59PM -- unless otherwise indicated in the syllabus. To make an initial post, hit “Create Thread” under the appropriate forum (e.g., Discussion Board Post #2). Your response to another student’s initial post is due Thursday @ 11:59PM -- unless otherwise indicated in the syllabus. Simply reply to a student’s thread.

Your initial post is worth 3 points. Your response (to another student’s post) is worth 1 point. Your posts should be meaningful, thought-provoking and respectful (e.g., to yourself, other students, other cultures, etc.).

Before you start writing your post, check the grading rubric on the syllabus!

Before you press publish, take a minute to look over your response:

• Are your statements clear?

• Are your statements backed with experience or facts? If not, change them

• If you used “thing(s),” “stuff,” “it,” what specific terms could you use in their place?


Please respond to EITHER of the following prompts: 1) What is attention? What do you think perception is? How are they different/alike?

OR 2) Most of us are aware of different learning styles (e.g., visual vs. auditory learning). However, can you think of any other cultural differences (e.g., age-related, community-related, gender-related or dis/ability-related) that affect learning styles? Explain.

Other half of the page please see this
Extra Credit (up to 3%) will be given to students who share class-related information (e.g., TED talks, upcoming talks, etc.) or you can post links/attachments that would be helpful to your classmates’ assignments. Each distinct (new), helpful, class-related post or dissemination of information will boost your grade 1.5 grade points (maximum is 3 grade points or 2 posts). POSTS MUST BE MADE IN THIS "EXTRA CREDIT" DISCUSSION BOARD BEFORE 5/9/20 AT 11:59PM. (The idea is to be helpful in the course - after May 9th, most students won't be watching ancillary posts, videos, etc.; they'll be focused on their final exams).

To get extra credit points, create a NEW thread (for each post), include a brief write-up of why this post/video/link/etc. is helpful to what we're learning in the course (10-100 words), and link us to the helpful info. Be sure to return to your thread to check for any feedback, directives or grading notes.

Your extra credit points will not be reflected in your Blackboard grades, but in your overall grade submitted to the registrar.