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Discipline: Public Relations (PR)

Type of Paper: Coursework

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 3 Words: 825


The assessment consists of three Question which students must answer by writing short reports or essays. In doing so, students must show they can think critically about a question by evaluating, disentangling and/or comparing issues, concepts, ideas or theories. Students are advices to refer to the materials used in the course thus far, as well refer to materials researched independently and referred to using the correct Harvard referencing method.

In Public Relations, we write press releases, case studies, reports and articles (similar to the essays required in this assessment). The difference between a report and an essay is that a report is more factual while an essay is more personal. The essay sometimes begins with an argument and then goes on to explain and justify it in a more subjective manner. The Report will usually begin by explaining what the subject matter is in a more objective manner. Both essay and report begin by listing facts, providing data and then have personal impressions and points of view supported by documentation from outside such as research findings, etc. In both reports and essays, the information must be coherent and lead to a result or a solution and is followed by a conclusion that summarizes the main points in the text.

Both, a report or an essay can be written withing one to two pages, and each can be complemented with findings from research that is added in an appendix, and the research references can be added in a bibliography.

1.As a PR consultant, you are asked to design and to plan the strategies and tactics for effective PR campaigns. A potential client has asked you to provide a comparison and evaluation of different approaches to a) knowing your target audience and b) performing a situational analysis. Write a short report.

2.Critically evaluate/assess the advantages and disadvantages of emitting a Press Release in the 21st century. Are there instances when disadvantages can become perceptible among the potential target media/audience? What kind of consequences need to be avoided when using Press Releases as a tool in a PR campaign?

3.Identify 4 dimensions of public opinion shaped by mass media. Explain when and why one of these dimensions is, in your opinion, of key importance for PR campaigns especially in the context of two different environments: (a) one which is commercial (eg. promotion of a sports event), and (b) a public information campaign to change social behaviour in light of a health pandemic.