Annotated bibliography

Discipline: English 101

Type of Paper: Annotated bibliography

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

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focus on - debatable research question that reflects what experts are debating today. A question such as “Should college athletes be paid?” or “Should college athletes are compensated beyond scholarships?” can work well because such a question is policy-based and debatable.
Complete, one-paragraph summary and evaluation for each of the five sources you include in your collection. I encourage you to study the sample Annotated Bibliography; notice how the writer includes his summary and his evaluation in separate paragraphs. Also, notice that the writer’s evaluation answers all four evaluation questions (about why each source is relevant, up-to-date or still applicable, credible, and useful as an information or opinion source). You should do the same.
I encourage you to keep in mind the assignment goals and requirements as you make final decisions about your best five sources. On a related note, you should use “Point: College Athletes Should Not Be Paid” by John Acquaviva and “Counter Point: Athletes in ‘Big Time’ Sports Should Be Paid” by Dennis Johnson as two distinct opinion sources. Acquaviva’s “Point” article and Johnson’s “Counter Point” article are your best opinion sources right now because these two authors disagree about whether college athletes should be compensated beyond the scholarships that they currently receive. My concern about your other opinion sources in this collection—Thacker, Brill, and Berri—is that all three of these authors seem to agree (in support of paying college athletes). Remember that your collection of five sources should include at least three opinion sources by authors who answer the same research question in different ways. Clearly, Acquaviva and Johnson answer the same question differently. Does one of these other three sources (Thacker, Brill, Berri) present a unique answer that is different from Acquaviva’s answer and Johnson’s answer? If not, then you should consider using two opinion sources that oppose paying college athletes beyond scholarships (Acquaviva and one other author who agrees with him) and using two opinion sources that support paying college athletes beyond scholarships (Johnson and one other author who agrees with him). Finally, I encourage you to replace the online article by Madisen Martinez with a more credible and extensive information source. Why not use Reed Karaim’s CQ Researcher report titled “Paying College Athletes” instead of Martinez’s article as your information source?