What makes a good friend: Friendship Essay

What makes a good friend: Friendship Essay

Often times, it is difficult to determine what makes a good friend. Is it someone who you can trust or someone who will always be there for you? What about the person who is your soulmate and understands everything you go through? These are all important aspects of friendship but one thing that often gets overlooked is how much fun they make life! A good friend should make every day seem like an adventure.

Good friends and good relationships with others are what make life worth living. A good friend is someone who wants the best for you, accepts you for who you are, and loves unconditionally. What makes a good friend?  One thing that can make a person a great friend is if they listen to your problems without judging or trying to fix them. They should also be there when you need them most even if it’s just an ear to listen, not actually solving the problem. This type of supportive behavior will lead to more meaningful connections and stronger friendships in time!


What is Friendship?

In my opinion, it would depend on some factors. If I’m talking with my best friends or family members I couldn’t describe friendship as a concept because we already know what friendship is and how it works. However, if I’m watching a movie about certain group of friends where some of them are struggling with their relationships-I could recite the definition of friendship by heart. No matter how many times I’ve heard/seen such definition I still find something new about this word ‘friendship’. And maybe that’s why Aristotle called friendship “a virtue”. Friendship requires certain virtues like loyalty, giving, compassion and many others.

Some people say that friendship is forever while others believe there are boundaries. If you ask me, I would definitely agree with the second opinion-friendships have boundaries and not all of them could be overcome. For example, if two drunken friends made a bet about who could get laid first in their hometown’s bar-it doesn’t mean they become enemies but it surely changes something between them after that night. Or maybe one of them becomes more aware about how much his friend means to him after the moment when he saw the girl he has been flirting for weeks sleeping with his best mate. Friendship also needs time to grow into something more serious.

True Best Friend Qualities

What makes a good friend is somebody that you can share your feelings and secrets with and they won’t tell anybody. Someone who doesn’t give up on you even when the world seems to be against you. Good friends can talk to each other about anything, from their day at school or work, to problems in their personal life. A good friend will stay with you through thick and thin, as well as celebrating all of your successes.

I believe what makes a good friend is someone who’s always there for you no matter what happens. The person has to be supportive and enthusiastic – someone that wants nothing more than for all of your dreams and wishes to come true (and vice versa). And most importantly, someone that you can’t help but to love!

What makes a good friend is somebody who believes in you and stands up for you, no matter what anyone else says. Someone who is always there when you need them the most. It’s not about having fun together; it’s about making each other strong even when things are really tough.

A good friend will support their friends through life, never giving up on them even if they might be down in the dumps or in trouble with others. A good friend will give advice when its needed and just listen when that’s what is required of them too. Also, someone who may have different opinions than us at certain times but still wants us to be happy no matter what happens – that’s a good friend for me.

A good friend is not always going to be perfect, because no one is. But a good friend will care about your feelings and respect your decisions. You should feel free to tell them anything without worrying that they might judge you, make fun of you behind your back, or use the information against you.

In my opinion I believe what makes a good friend is someone who doesn’t say anything behind their friends’ backs, cares about their feelings and listens even if they think it won’t help at all. Someone who takes an interest in making them smile when their down in the dumps and encourages them to do better than they already are doing in life!

Also someone who can take criticism without getting offended and can give criticism without sounding rude. It’s hard to find a good friend, but when you do don’t let them go because they are rare treasures!

Importance of Friends in our Life

“Human beings are social creatures,” explains Dr. Edward Hallowell, a psychiatrist and author of The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness.  An experiment conducted by Tanya Chartrand of Wake Forest University demonstrated that when the brain is stimulated with two short bursts of energy about half a second apart, it produces another burst of energy on its own–a phenomenon called “resonance”. Resonance occurs when one object vibrates at the same frequency as another nearby object. It’s not being driven by outside vibrations but rather created through relationship — interpersonal resonance. And this resonance often occurs between people who have just met.

“It seems that, without realizing it, we mimic the people we are with,” Chartrand said. “And because imitation is one of the ways we build rapport and relationships, resonance helps us make friends effortlessly.”

We like to imitate others (Chartrand’s research involved having participants work together on a task, then being sent to separate rooms for five minutes before being asked to evaluate themselves). This suggests that strong friendships are built through interpersonal resonance, which leads us to seek out similar others.

“We can’t help but feel an affinity toward those who are just like us,” says Dr. Hallowell. And if similarity breeds connection, being connected creates happiness, social support has been shown to have immense benefits even in treatment-resistant cases of depression.

How to choose the right friends

Friendships are important for both mental and physical health, as they provide us with emotional stability and give us a sense of belonging. This article will help you learn how to choose the right friends so that you can improve your relationships and develop more meaningful friendships.

1.      Set boundaries

It’s important not to expect too much from people and to set clear boundaries.  For example, if you know someone who tends to be unreliable, it’s best not to rely on them too much or put pressure on them. If necessary, let them know about your expectations in order for you both to have an easier time being friends!

2.      Be yourself

When it comes down to making new friends, always try to be yourself. Try not to overthink it and force the issue. If the other person isn’t interested in forming a friendship with you, learn from your mistakes and try again with someone else!

3.      What is their personality like?

What kind of friends do you want? Do they add value to your life or take away from it?  Don’t let anyone take advantage of you, and if someone does, set clear boundaries so that they know where they stand with you. Don’t forget that friendships should be balanced and give both parties an equal amount of joy and support!

4.      Is there trust involved?

When choosing new friends, trust plays a major role in determining compatibility. If you know that the other person has a lack of respect for boundaries, then they’re probably not worth getting close to. It’s always difficult to control people, but keep in mind that it is your life and your happiness which should come first!

5.      What are their goals in life?

Finally, think about what the other person wants out of life. This can range from career choices or personal hobbies– it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to you at all! Everyone has different passions and aspirations in life, so try thinking outside of the box when it comes to choosing new friends. No one likes feeling like an outsider, so make sure that there’s some mutual understanding you two share if you’re looking for a fulfilling friendship.

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