Essay about my Best Friend: Examples and Guide

Essay about my Best Friend: Examples and Guide

When writing an essay about your best friend, there is a set of rules you must follow. For any particular essay, you should use the evidence from your life experiences, you can describe an event, person, idea or object. You probably know about how essays work. That’s why many people find them difficult: they think that all of their ideas are boring and choose to limit themselves to talking about ordinary things (trees and flowers). However, we’re going to try and convince you that this is not true; after all, everyone has at least one story worth telling.

In order to help you do so with ease, we’ll propose several topics which may be particularly relevant in reference to your friendship with someone. Of course, it will still be up to you to come up with the evidence needed to prove your point.


Steps to follows when writing an essay about your best friend

1.      How you met

The first topic is how you met, which will be a great way to open your essay. You can say where it was or what you were doing, and remember all of the details that made it special for both of you. The next step would be to explain why he/ she became your friend, or describe his/her best traits that made him/ her so special in the first place. After that, you should say how long ago it was and what has happened between now and then (if anything important). Finally, write about yourself as well: why do you think he/ she chose you as a close friend? What are your best qualities? How have you changed since meeting him/ her?

2.      Life-threatening situation

Another topic you can use is if your friend was ever in a life-threatening situation. This will allow you to talk about all of the things he/ she would do, and how you felt and reacted as well. Of course, it will be best if every detail is remembered properly, otherwise the reader won’t believe you, which means that using some imagination wouldn’t hurt after all. Try to think as carefully as possible about what really happened and remember all of those important details, such as his/ her facial expression or any background noises at the time. Furthermore, you can choose to describe where this event took place and what made it special (if anything). Don’t forget: try and make it seem like something out of a movie.

3.      Impact on Your life

Also, you can choose to write about the effect he/ she has had on your life. You may want to tell about how his/ her influence helped you make important decisions or encouraged you to pursue another hobby. Maybe he/ she inspired you in some way and even taught you new words that never existed before. This would be your chance to say what this person has done for both of you and if it was really worth it at all to have such a friend. You can also write about any memories that made an impression on you and still continue doing so, every day: maybe every time you see something connected with him/her, its image immediately pops up in your mind’s eye? If so, you should definitely try to use it as an argument.

4.      Friend’s Perspective

Now, you may want to write about how you both argue or argue for your friend’s perspective because he/ she is always right. Perhaps this person has taught you something new about the topic in question? Perhaps there are two different points of view and you’re trying to find out which one is closer to the truth? If so, then select only that information that proves your point, ignore what doesn’t agree with your beliefs and leave those who see things differently without a proper reply. The main thing here would be not to offend anyone and remain objective at all times: remember those lessons from school when giving presentations without the help of visual aids? It’s exactly like that!

How to write an Essay about my best friend

It’s simple to write an essay about your best friend. All you need is a few minutes, and the right things to say about them.

Follow these steps for writing that perfect essay;

  1. Describe their personality in one sentence- what are their defining traits? What do they enjoy doing?
  2. Talk about how you met them and why they’re important to you- what does this friendship mean to you?
  3. Tell us something funny or interesting that’s happened between the two of you;
  4. End with a paragraph where describe how much your friendship means to both of you. Make sure it has at least three sentences!

Example of Friendship Essays

Sample 1: Essay about my best Friend

“The relationship between a student and a teacher is a special one. As students, we learn from our teachers, but the lessons that we take away from them go far beyond any arithmetic or conjugation in French class. Teachers are able to mold us into better people with their guidance and instruction over time, and I will always be grateful for the ways in which mine have helped me.

One such person who helped me grow was my high school biology teacher, Mrs. Garcia. Mrs. Garcia was someone whom I could confide in when I needed advice about anything— boys, homework, or even just how to get along with other classmates more effectively than I did at times. Over time she became not only my biology teacher but also one of my best friends.

I think the thing I appreciated most about Mrs. Garcia was her ability to make lessons relevant to not only what we were studying in biology, but also to topics that could be seen in popular media or even daily life. For instance, when we learned about the concepts of DNA structure and replication in class, she was able to connect them with what people were talking about on social media at the time—the controversial topic of “Jenny from the Block” tattoos. Having these connections allowed me to better understand how all of this information could have real-world implications beyond just being tested on for exams, which ultimately made learning seem less like a chore.

            Another reason I felt so close with Mrs. Garcia was because she was always willing to help me. Any time I needed after-school help or an extra hand with a project, she was there for me without hesitation. Whenever I had a question about anything—a confusing topic in class, how to write my college essay, what classes I should take next year —she would be open and honest with her answers and never hesitate to give them even if they didn’t match exactly with what I wanted to hear. No matter the situation, Mrs. Garcia made it clear that she cared for my well-being and wanted nothing more than for me to succeed and reach my full potential through education.

            However, Mrs. Garcia’s influence on my life did not stop when the final bell rang at the end of the school day. My experience in her classroom was not the only way that she helped mold me into a better person—it wasn’t even the only time I had her as a teacher! That’s because, for three consecutive summers while I attended high school, I also had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Garcia teaching science at our local Boys & Girls Club , Inc., helping kids learn about all sorts of topics ranging from astronomy to zoology .

            Teaching these wonderful children gave me an even greater appreciation for everything that Mrs. Garcia had taught me over the years. It was amazing to see how much enthusiasm they had for learning and being able to pass that onto them did wonders for my own self-confidence. I know that if given the chance, these kids will be able to succeed in school and in life beyond what I could ever hope to achieve.

            But the most rewarding part of all was seeing Mrs. Garcia in action as a teacher when she guided our tribe of eager “Young Scientists” through their experiments every week. Her passion for science was contagious; her love of knowledge filled you with excitement when you were around her. As great as my experience teaching at the Boys & Girls Club was, nothing compared to witnessing this woman whom I respected so much doing work that she loved with young lives that she took pride in shaping into better people than they would have otherwise become without her help .

I know that one day I will look back on all that has happened to me and I will remember how special Mrs. Garcia made me feel as a student, a peer, a fellow human being. She touched my life in ways that I never could have imagined when we first met as teacher and student all those years ago. If given the chance to do it all over again, I would not change a single thing about the experiences we shared together or about who she helped me become as a person because of them!

            In short, Mrs. Garcia has been an influential force in my life from day one right up until now, and for that reason she is without question my best friend.”

Sample 2: Good Friend Qualities/ Characteristics

Here are 10 qualities of a good friend:

  1. A good friend trusts you.
  2. A good friend wants what’s best for you without trying to control you like some kind of puppet master that gets their feelings hurt when you don’t act exactly how they want you to act.
  3. A good friend listens when you’re upset about something—whether it’s personal or public—and doesn’t try to divert the topic with jokes, sarcasm, or change of subject.
  4. A good friend stays loyal and doesn’t take sides with other people that you’re having issues with, whether they’re friends or strangers.
  5. A good friend is willing to compromise on some things but understands when you feel strongly about something and won’t try to twist your words around so it seems like you want them to do something that you really don’t want them to do.
  6. A good friend compliments your strengths and not your appearance because they know how much more important inner beauty is than outer beauty.
  7. A good friend forgives and apologizes even though the issue may be one-sided. They also learn from their mistakes and will apologize for those too if need be.
  8. A good friend doesn’t try to get you into an argument no matter what the topic of conversation is.
  9. A good friend reaches out when they haven’t heard from you in a while, not because they’re trying to start drama but because they’re genuinely concerned about your wellbeing.
  10. A good friend isn’t afraid to tell you if your breath stinks or if there’s something stuck in your teeth even though it might make you feel embarrassed—because after all, who else are you going to tell? Nobody but them. And nobody can love and support you like they can.

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