Drugs and behavior


This is a minimum 1000 word (5 typed double-spaced) page research and opinion essay on a topic of current concern regarding the field of drugs and behavior. All sources must be documented using APA style standards.

A list of topics is provided to help you choose from.

You will offer a concise explanation of your topic, any current issues about the topic, major positions on the topic/issues, impact on the individual, family or society based on what you have learned, and an annotated list of resources for more information on that topic. You should conclude with a thoughtful presentation of your own opinion about the issue.

Points Grading Criteria
Explanation of topic
Current issues / major positions about the topic
Impact on the individual, family or society
Thoughtful presentation of your own opinion
Meeting the 1000 word minimum
Proper use of APA formatting, list of resources and variety
Total points

Hot Topics Ideas
-The use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes
-Methadone Maintenance Programs
-Suboxone Clinics in the Community
-Drug testing employees
-Drug treatment for jail inmates
-Drugged Driving
-Needle exchange programs
-Using hypnosis to assist individuals in quitting smoking
-School Based Prevention Programs – ex: what happened to DARE?
-Trends in Sexual Addictions and Drug Use
-Bootcamp style treatment centers for adolescents
-Medication assisted therapy for treating addicts
-Requiring addicts to quit smoking while in residential treatment programs
-Drug courts in Ohio
-California’s mandatory treatment for drug offenses (treatment versus jail)
-Should treatment programs require participants to attend AA/NA (religious objections)
-Is the legal system too hard on drug offenders (mandatory sentencing)
-Recent changes in sentencing laws due to racial disparity (cocaine vs crack cocaine)
-Urine testing for those individuals filing for unemployment (good thing or not)
-Workers compensation denying benefits if anyone tests positive for substances (if injured on job)
-Impact of new Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion on drug and alcohol treatment
-Harm reduction (good or not?)
-Should CPS remove children from the mother if they test positive at birth?
-Diagnosing Adolescents (are they really dependent?)
-Types of drug tests (can you trust the results of the test?)
-Distinctions between addiction and dependence (use of pain medications or other medications)
-The Rat Park experiments
-The “war on drugs” and reform of the judicial system
-Portugal and other countries that have decriminalizing drugs
-The Surgeon General’s report

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