Community Needs Assessment- HOMELESSNESS

As a human services leader, you have expertise in your community, including a sense of services and programs that it may need. While you may notice trends and changes, a more structured approach to gathering and analyzing this information will be required if you hope to launch a new program to address a need. In this paper, you will:

  • Identify a perceived unmet need in your local community. (Homelessness)
  • Use the steps in planning and conducting an assessment to present a proposed community needs assessment plan.
  • Project results of the proposed needs assessment using the literature as support.
  • Ensure that you identify the various components of the community needs assessment and their contributions to the process.
  • Create a logic model, presenting the various components and how they interact with one another to provide graphical support for your analysis.

Note: Since human services leaders need to maintain ethical standards and be attentive to diversity, both of these content areas should be integrated into your community needs assessment design.


Write a 4–5 page paper identifying a social problem that is perceived as an unmet need in your local community. Utilizing this topic as context, design a proposed community needs assessment and its projected results. Present the components of community needs assessment and a preliminary application. Highlight issues of ethics, as well as diversity and inclusion.

These ideas are to be communicated in the narrative along with a graphic representation. Create a logic model, which is a specific type of flowchart for graphically presenting this information, to demonstrate your understanding of community needs assessment. Include your logic model as an appendix to your paper.

Be sure to address the following in your paper:

  • Describe a social problem that appears to be an unmet need in your local community.
  • Propose a community needs assessment that you would implement to determine potential programming to address this social problem.
  • Discuss how the community needs assessment addresses accessibility and cultural sensitivity to promote inclusion of diverse populations.
  • With the help of a logic model, and based on the assumed findings of the needs assessment, project results of the program you would implement to address the social need identified.
  • Use the required readings and other reputable sources to support your projected results.

Support your paper with the required readings and other reputable sources.

Submission Requirements

To complete this assignment successfully, your paper will need to meet the following specifications:

  • Page length: Write a 4–5 page paper.
  • Communication: Use professional academic writing and apply current APA format and style appropriately. (7th edition)
  • Resources: Support your work with a minimum of seven reputable sources. Required readings are to be integrated. Use reputable sources to validate your local community need by including local news and local agency information and reports. Reputable sources may include peer-reviewed journals to validate projected results.
  • Font and size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
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