Sexual Equality and Feminism

This essay covers Week 7 of the readings for this course, including the lecture notes in Modules and the assigned readings in Kerber, Women’s America. The answer should be a 2+ page essay (double-spaced) with a thesis, conclusion, and source citations listed at the end. Citations may be informal. For Modules, use the name of the page. For the textbook, use Kerber, Women’s America and the page number(s).

In essay format, answer the questions below:

Consider the causes and effects of the new feminism of the late 1960s. What accounts for the feminist movement’s rapid impact on American society? Do you think the “Me Too” Movement is a continuation and broadening of this movement?
Can laws ensure sexual equality? Are policies that address gender differences needed to provide equal opportunity? To approach these difficult questions, consider the policy of affirmative action and the laws on sexual harassment.

The composition of any paper must be entirely your own work. If the exact words of another are used, even to a limited degree, quotation marks must be used and a documentary reference (a note) given. If information or ideas are taken from another work, although not a direct quotation, you must give credit in the notes as to the source of the information. Failure to give such credit is plagiarism and is equivalent to cheating on an examination. Submission of a paper which is copied from another work or written by someone other than the student, which has already been submitted to another course either at Maryville or another school, or which contains fictitious notes, will result in failure of this assignment.

Responses will be assessed according to the rubric below. Your response must include specific references to important people, events, details, and other evidence.

Criteria Points
Depth and insight of analyses: presents or resolves contrast; recognition and/or thoughtful resolution of ambiguity; originality, strength, and development of ideas 12
Support and evidence of ideas and claims: connection between the writer’s ideas and the text; assignment of causes and reasons; explanation of all claims and points 12
Clarity, language, and presentation: appropriate and effective use of words, punctuation, syntax, and paragraphs; organization, structure, paragraphing 16
Comprehensiveness: accounting for major points and themes of the chapter(s); incorporating appropriate unit materials, including online Discussions and additional course learning materials 24
Inclusion and discussion of quotations: appropriateness of quotations, length of quotation, number of quotations, incorporation of quotations, relevance of quotations 12
Critical engagement: demonstrated understanding of, and connections between, chapter concepts; overall thoughtfulness and persuasiveness of response to the question 24

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