American women

You are a distinguished historian of American women. For that reason, a major publisher has asked you to supervise revision of its college-level U.S. history survey textbook which, as it now stands, has very little coverage of women. Please summarize your recommendations of the necessary changes and additions.

Your 8-10 page essay (report) should have three distinct sections:
* Section 1: Discuss 3 major themes of particular relevance to women that should be traced through the history of American women.  Explain why these themes are invaluable for an understanding of women in American history.
* Section 2: Discuss 6 important women that might appear at various points in the survey (persons profiled may be “great,” or typical but obscure, but together they should provide a representative sample of various significant types of American women, over time).
* Section 3: Discuss 3 events/issues in American history whose interpretation would be substantially altered if the roles of women in them or their effects upon women were included alongside the “traditional” (more male-oriented) interpretations.

Remember, in your role as historian, you want your suggestions to be adopted, so be as substantive and persuasive as you can be in your presentation of them. (In other words, explain and justify your selections!) Also, remember that the purpose of this final examination is to exhibit your understanding and command of the course materials.

* Read the writing prompt carefully. Clarify terms that are unfamiliar; make sure you understand what is being asked for in each component, and answer all parts of the prompt.
* Please use headings to indicate section shifts (e.g., Important Women, Major Themes, etc.). I don’t deduct points for not using these, but students almost always find that these help them with writing and organizing the essay.
* Be sure to use quotes to support your points, but use them to complement your own words. This assignment shouldn’t be comprised of three sections filled with pages of lengthy quotes. Quotes should supplement the point you’re making.
* Direct citations are required both in-text AND in a works cited/references page at the end. The references list does not count toward the required page range.
* Quotes must come from both the module content AND the textbook. External sources are encouraged, as well, but the primary emphases should be on citing course materials.

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