Building a database for a dog shelter

Write a justification paper, of at least 2 pages, to your boss explaining how a relational database solution
can be applied to a current business problem or area for improvement. Assume that your boss knows
nothing about relational database theory. The goal of this paper is to obtain your boss’s approval to
proceed with your stated project. Do not focus on technical aspects of a database management
system. Focus on how the information will be captured, manipulated, managed, and shared, and the
value the database brings to the organization. Include brief examples of how other industries (both
domestic and international) have successfully used relational databases to increase efficiency.
Your paper must follow all APA Style Guide requirements. All sources must be properly cited using APA
guidelines. Include an APA title page and an APA References page. The title page and References
pages are in addition to the minimum of 2 pages of body text for your paper. In your paper you must
include an introduction section with a heading, body text topic sections as appropriate with headings, and
a conclusion section with a heading. Note that APA requires 12 point Times Roman font throughout and
1″ margins.

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