The Myth behind China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment

Read Case 2.4 The Myth behind China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment – Access this in the Peng Atlas Case Studies Link in Module 7

Answer the Following:

Using data from the most recent year, what is the flow of China’s FDI into your country? What is the stock of China’s in your country? Relative to other countries whose multinationals undertake FDI in your country, what is China’s ranking—in both flow and stock—relative to other countries?
Compare the flow (in the most recent year) and stock of FDI from your country in China versus the flow and stock of FDI from China in your country. Which is bigger? Why?
Why has China’s OFDI received such sensational (but often unsubstantiated) media reporting regarding its scale and scope?
Identify the largest FDI project (in terms of dollar amount) undertaken by Chinese multinationals in your country. Evaluate its pros and cons, and discuss whether its advantages to the host economy (that is, your country) outweigh the disadvantages.

Minimum length requirement is two to three APA formatted pages with at least two sources cited within your paper.

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