Reflection Assignment 1: The Patient-Provider Experience

For your first reflection assignment, please reflect on a patient-provider interaction that you or someone you know has experienced OR detail an example of a patient-provider interaction you have seen or heard in the media and describe the interaction using:


  • At least TWO concepts from the chapters in the book. Do NOT simply copy wording from the book in your descriptions, but explain the concepts in your own words and apply them to the situation you are describing (8 points)


  • The book concepts must connect coherently with the outside examples you bring in (7 points)


  • At a minimum, you should have an introduction, a paragraph on each concept, at least two paragraphs on how your example connects to the book concepts, an overall impression of how your examples connect to the concepts in the book, and a conclusion (5 points)


  • Each reflection assignment should be 2-3 pages typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman or Calibri 12-point font (5 points)


Please only use ONE of the above prompts, do not use both a personal example and a mediated example, or points will be deducted.


Hypothetical examples may include:

interaction: an experience you had with a provider,

book concepts: voice of medicine vs. voice of the life world

how verbal and nonverbal communication affected your perception of the interaction


interaction: an example you saw on TV of a patient with an illness

book concepts: how did the illness shape their identity?

how did they adapt their identity according to their illness (i.e. supernormal, accepting, etc.)


Note: You do NOT need to use these examples. In fact, I would prefer if you used something different, these are just starting points to get you to start thinking about the assignment.

Required Text: du Pré, A. & Cook Overton, B. (2021). Communication about Health: Current Issues and Perspectives. (6th Ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

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