Planned Change process

  1. Read the article Evaluation of the FICA Tool for Spiritual Assessment.
  2. Review Garthwait, Chapter 12 – Planned Change process.
  3. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following questions:
    1. Discuss your view on why addressing faith and spiritual issues is or isn’t important to the planned change process. State 2-3 reasons in support of your position. Discuss where or how will you fit faith and spirituality in your view of orienting theories as described by Garthwait (chapter 12).
    2. Based on the article, briefly discuss your response to the definition of spirituality provided? How would you change or expand on this definition? Do you think this definition is helpful or unhelpful? How does it resonate with your own approach to faith?
    3. After reviewing the FICA tool, describe how you might use this tool in working with a client to take a spiritual history? How could the tool help you to have conversations about faith or spirituality in a meaningful way with a client? Describe any thoughts you have on the content of the tool and the best way to approach using it and responding to a client’s answers.
    4. Finally, discuss personal fears or concerns you may have about having discussions about faith or spirituality with clients. Why do you have these concerns? What would help you to increase your level of comfort in this area? Since we can’t separate our faith from who we are, how do you see using your own faith in the process? What NASW Code of Ethics Standards can help as we seek to address issues of faith and spirituality with clients?
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