Impact of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic on the disability community

Please select one current event news item from a respected news source that discusses in some way the impact of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic on the disability community. (Several examples are provided below – you may choose any of these if you wish, or find your own.)

The current article or video you choose should be from a citable, academic news source, originally written within the past 2 months, on or after February 6, 2020. If the author is not a person with a disability, please ensure that the item discusses people with disabilities directly.

Write a 2-3 page short Reflection essay, citing directly from your news source. Please discuss each of the following:

1. From what you have learned so far in our class, were you surprised by the impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on people with disabilities? Why or why not?

2. Why is there a response to Coronavirus/COVID-19 that is specific to people with disabilities? Is there anything from what you know of disability history and rights that would help our response to the pandemic?

3. Based on your selected news source, do you believe that the author is knowledgeable about disability rights; why or why not?

Please be certain to follow our class rubric for all written work – proper citation to your source, and correct grammar and spelling throughout.

EXAMPLES – feel free to use or find your own

VIDEO: Coronavirus: How can people with a disability self isolate or practice social distancing? | ABC News

Stimulus Plan Falls Short For People With Disabilities, Advocates Say

With Schools Closed, Kids With Disabilities Are More Vulnerable Than Ever

Disability Groups File Federal Complaint About COVID-19 Care Rationing Plans

I’m disabled and need a ventilator to live. Am I expendable during this pandemic?

Stimulus Plan Falls Short For People With Disabilities, Advocates Say

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Brought Out Society’s Alarming Disregard for People With Disabilities

People With Disabilities Say Rationing Care Policies Violate Civil Rights

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