Hispanic church

You are then required to write an effective 4 – 5 page written account of attending a Hispanic church in APA format. Each paper will have a title page and a reference page in addition to the 4 – 5 pages of content. Please use headings for your sections in the paper.

1. Identify how the dominant/majority culture’s structures and values may oppress, marginalize, or alienate this population group and/or themselves. You can also consider how the population group has created or enhanced privilege and power. Please discuss at least three examples and use at least two professional sources (textbooks or academic journals) to support your points.

2. Identify what you learned from the population during the experience or how you can learn from the population in general. Consider what some of the cultural values are of the population for this question. You should discuss at least two points that were learned or can be learned.

3. Identify prejudice and stereotypes associated with this population group. Describe how these stereotypes were reinforced or proven incorrect by this experience. Please discuss a minimum of four specific stereotypes of the population.

4. List ways in which the population is impacted by difference from the dominant/majority culture. Please provide at least two specific examples.

5. Recognizing that each person has biases, you are to describe in what ways you have made strides to gain self-awareness to help eliminate the influence of your personal biases and values in working with diverse groups. You will also describe what you can do in the future to continue to seek to overcome your biases and grow in cultural competence.

6. List ways in which your life experiences have been impacted by difference and/or similarity to the majority/dominant race. Are there any privileges you have experienced by being a member of the dominant culture? Are there ways that you have been harmed by not being a member of the dominant culture? Please discuss two specific examples.

7. Discuss how being a minority in the environment affected you on an emotional level. Discuss how going alone without a friend, colleague, or family member impacted you. Discuss how you felt about doing this assignment prior to accomplishing it. Discuss how you feel after completing the assignment. Lastly, discuss what you learned as a result of the experience.

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