Cultural Fact Sheet

Expanding your cultural competence is part of your ethical responsibility as a social worker. In order to continue growing in your cultural competence, you will prepare a 2-page creative cultural fact sheet on one of the population groups: Hispanic Americans, African Americans, Muslims, or Asian Americans. This will allow you to research the strengths, forms of oppression and best practice dos and don’ts for your chosen population. You will also have an opportunity to present your fact sheet to the rest of the class in your Discussion: Cultural Fact Sheet.

To begin, you will need to choose a population that is covered in this class to highlight. You are encouraged to choose a population that you may not be as familiar with so that you can expand your knowledge base. The fact sheet is to be a bulleted document highlighting the items listed below. It is not a formal written paper. Please see the example entitled Cultural Fact Sheet Example. Please note that you are not permitted to use the same population group that was used for the minority experience assignment. You may not use your own population group. You are also not permitted to use the LGBTQ population, as that will be the subject of your Case Study Paper Assignment.

The fact sheet will need to contain the following:
1. This fact sheet will communicate the strengths associated with the identified population. This list should contain a minimum of six points.
2. It will also explain the way culture’s structures may oppress or alienate the population group. This list should contain a minimum of five points.
3. You will research and share knowledge, values, and skills that would aid in effective social work practice with a particular population group. The fact sheet will provide this information in the form of Dos and Don’ts for social workers. Please arrange these in two separate sections labeled “Dos” for the first and “Don’ts” for the second. Both of these lists should contain a minimum of seven points each.
4. The fact sheet should be presented in a creative way with visual appeal. For example, including pictures, graphics, or borders.
Please make sure to note that the information in your bullet points is written in your own words and not taken word for word from sources.

An APA formatted reference page with at least 5 academic journal articles or textbooks is to be included. A title page should also be included. Your actual sheet should be contained to only two pages.
Once your draft is submitted, you will be given feedback to help you complete your final submission. The final submission is a corrected version of your draft. It is not a formal written paper. There is an example provided entitled Cultural Fact Sheet Example. Please use your own creativity in presenting the information. Do not mimic the example.

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